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Drop eman sander for will fuller ppr?


loaded at running back positions and may try and trade mixon for dez-thanks…


I’d rather keep Sanders and Mixon for Dez is nice


Sanders is not droppable, and is certainly more valuable than Fuller.


So i may try and trade mixon for dez as i have martin gordon shady kamara and mccaffrey-would that be a good trade? both on bye weeks and my only other receivers are tyreke hill and saunders on bench-


Sanders is getting more targets than Thomas so in PPR he’s very valuable. Fuller has had 2 great games, but on limited targets so he’s not likely to keep up that production. I’d stick with Sanders.


If you can pull that trade off, great.


WIll Fuller is not worth dropping Sanders over man. Make a trade happen and trade away some RB depth (there will be some teams hurting for RBs) and get yourself some stud WRs.