Drop Enunwa for Cole

Standard League
Should I drop Enunwa for K. Cole?

Other WR;
T. Hilton
C. Hogan
D. Funchess
A. Robinson
J. Gordon

Why Enunwa? He’s a target monster right now. I’d rather have Enunwa than Cole as is, since Jags offense can be unpredictable at times in terms of which WR will blow up.

If you were to drop anyone, I would consider Gordon. It’s tough since your core isn’t bad, but the Browns mentioned that Gordon “wasn’t himself.” So, he might not be trustworthy.

Just don’t drop Enunwa! He’s a solid WR2 at this point.


i’d put my choices between hogan and gordon not both cause no one in their right mind would start 2 wrs on the same team unless its denver or pittsburgh. if you had to choose one i’d drop hogan.

No, don’t chase that dragon!