Drop Fitzgerald or Tate for John Brown?

WR Depth: M. Thomas, Tate, Fitzgerald, Watkins, Sutton.

Wondering if I should drop someone for John Brown.

YES…how is John Brown not on someone’s roster!?
Try trading Fitz. Hold on to Tate, he might be really valuable this week.
Let Larry be a landmine for someone.

If i’m not able to trade Fitz in time for waivers, he’s the one that should be dropped right?

I mean, Fitz role is coming back or at least is better now than it has been all season. I just don’t think he’s reliable. I played him for around half the year and it cost me matches. Of course when I dropped him he caught a TD the following week.
Ha- i had him in 2 leagues and both of my opponents picked him up. He only put up 5 against me.

What about Desean Jackson? Would you rather have Jackson than Fitzgerald?

bumpity bump bump bump

Oh didn’t see your last post… yeah- I would rather have Jackson than Fitz.
Djax has proven that he still has big game potential this year.

403 passing yards with only 3 points is mind boggling but that can’t happen every week.

4 of the last 5 weeks for John Brown have been poo. I’d rather have Tate and Fitz over him, esp with rumors of Lamar Jackson taking over potentially.

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What about Desean Jackson?

Brown has a really nice schedule coming up.

I saw that too but with Flacco job not entirely secure and Brown not being ask consistent, I’m kind of leaning towards picking up DeSean Jackson isntead