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Drop for a bye week *standard league*


Qb Prescott
RBs Doug Martin, Abdullah, kamara, Cohen
WRs Nelson, Crabtree, M. Bryant garçon, Parker
TEs ertz and gronk

Need to drop one for a qb. Who would you drop? Right now my thoughts are bryant

*I am currently trying to trade two for one. Question is for a worst case scenario.


Yeah I’d go martavis and then cohen for drop… But yeah if you could move a 2-1 that would be best


I haven’t watched any of martavus but it’d be him or parker. You could always game-day drop unless there’s someone epic out there. Gives you the chance to drop where no one can snag before next week anyway.


You Should find a trade for Gronk.
You need a better RB.
Package Gronk and Parker or something like that for a RB.
Or Gronk and Cohen.