Drop _______ for James Conner?

Conner is still on waivers and I’m thinking of picking him (against the Browns) to play in my Flex ahead of Doug Baldwin (against the Broncos) or JuJu Smith. It’s a .5 PPR.

Problem is I’d have to drop one of the following…
Bilal Powell
James White
Allen Hurns
Keelan Cole

I also have to drop a second guy on Sunday for a kicker :slight_smile:


And if you have Bell, then I’d be willing to drop everyone there but Cole. If you don’t have Bell, might be willing to drop Powell but that’s about it. Not dropping white or Cole for Conner.

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Never mind. Conner just got picked up. Must have literally happened while I was typing up my post. You snooze, you lose. :frowning:

And that’s why you should ran daily waivers. FA systems are the worst.

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