Drop for kicker?

Who to drop for kicker?
Neheim Hines
Sammy Watkins
Josh Gordon
Hppr 12 team
I obviously don’t want to drop anyone on this list but am number 1 in the league at 3-1 with 100+ points on the season above the 2nd place team. Wr and rbs are stacked with theilan, green, kupp, and Edelman.
Gurley, Aaron Jones, Conner, and Howard at rb. Considering not having kicker but do not wanna lose a close matchup because of it

seems like you do not need watkins. could consider going without a kicker for sure, but if it was me i guess i’d probably drop watkins.

He was my first pick as well, a lot of upside but would likely never see my lineup. I’d love to keep him to trade after a solid week but have not been able to thus far and could not process in time for games tomorrow anyway.

yeah, plus i think hines may end up being the better one to stash for trade value since there are myriad WR streaming options this season

There are few things more loathsome in FF than kickers. I have lost more matches due to kickers than I can shake a stick at!

Watkins is injury prone and never makes it through a season without missing games. Yes, I would love to have any piece of the Rams’ or the Chiefs’ high powered offenses, but I think Watkins is fools gold and more wasteful to roster than 3 QB’s or 2 kickers lol.

Good luck, maybe if there is a kicker available for a late game, you can keep your eye on that and do the add/drop later… But perhaps his team tanks and you’re in a spot where you can roll the dice after the 1 O’clock games and not use a kicker.