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Drop for oj howard? FAAB price check

who should i drop to grab oj? i’m leaning guice. Also out of a $100 FAAB system that Faab is tradeable how much would you spend?

Or do i just keep njoku?

I’d drop Njoku. He is so TD dependent. I’d use 10-20 FAAB on him.

Also could drop Corey Davis. He put a goose egg last week and only got 3 targets.

This is absurd that he’s on the waivers, I imagine someone rage dropped him last night?

I’d drop Njoku! Don’t need to roster two TEs, just stream one on his bye week.

I’d honestly go 17-21 FAAB for the guy. If you can land him, your team is looking pretty stacked.

so the dude drafted oj and zach ertz by accident and is now just dropping him.

Haha that’s awesome - and he just dropped one rather than trading one? Lost opportunity…

Would appreciate any insight you have on this, if you wanna wander over to this thread: WR Waiver Pickups

So would you recommend dropping guice instead of njoku? only reason is the claim wont go till Friday which sucks cause TB plays thursday and i’d be without a TE if i drop njoku.

If he plays Thursday, won’t it go through next Wednesday then? Two days for anyone dropped, but also the following Wednesday for anyone who has played, regardless if it was Thursday, Sunday or Monday. That’s how it is for my league at least. So then you’d still have Njoku over the weekend.

yahoo is saying that it would go through on September 13th which is friday. i get what you’re saying but i also dont wanna run the risk of losing my matchup do to a botched TE pick up

Dang that is rather annoying. Yeah I’d recommend Guice then. And you can maybe get him back and drop Njoku next week if you want.

I think Corey Davis was just in a bad game script last week and didn’t have the normal time of possession due to a pick-6.