Drop Forte to pick up Mack on the waivers?

Is Forte droppable?

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I think he is droppable. I’m debating dropping Powell at this point for a waiver wire add. There are just too many backs when they are healthy competing for carries on a crummy team.

Yes… Drop forte and pick up mack no question.

Forte and the jets are just ok and even if healthy it’s a time share there.

The colts are slowly improving and gore is old… Go with the youth of mack

In the long run, would you prefer Mack or McKinnon? Or do you think there is another better than those?

@jagermoot if by long run you mean season long. I like mckinnon… I mean we need to see 1 more good game and make sure this wasn’t just game flow. But rest of the season I like mckinnon.

If we are talking Keeper league or dynasty I like mack more.

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thanks guys… i tried to pick him up but someone beat me to it

Would you drop Gore for Mack?

i don’t think i’d do that.

Seeing as how McKinnon no longer has to compete with the great Matt Asiata, and Gore eats heirs apparent for breakfast, I’d lean McKinnon. I do like Mack a lot though.

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