Drop Fournette for Akers?

Hi Clan - I currently have Fournette as my last bench spot players. Should I drop him for Akers? Who do we think has best upside here? Seems like Rones is coming along well at TB and at best will be timeshare moving forward. Not sure if Akers is good enough, but seems to be a gap to be the RB in LA if he gets a shot?


No. I wouldn’t have any Rams RB unless 2 of them went down with injuries. I’m starting the think McVay is just trying to piss off fantasy football players at this point.

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Guess the right question then is, do you think Arians will give Fournette more of a shot? Just looking for the potential of getting a solid RB2 if things break right.

Yes I do. Because RoJo sucks. As soon as Fournette is healthy, I fully expect him to take that backfield over again. Not that Fournette is an amazing talent, but RoJo is terrible.

I’m not sold on ROJO, but if you are in a keeper league you might try to trade him away for a draft pick or upside player. Definitely try to trade him before you drop if that’s your decision.

Cool, makes sense. I’ll hold tight with Fournette

Here I dont actually have RoJO, the question is whether Fournette or Akers have a better chance to actually be a thing (RB2 or so) this year.

I meant try to trade Fournette based on name

Ah, yes, that would make more sense, haha

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