Drop Fournette?

Hey everyone

I picked up Fournette from waivers a week ago, and I am wondering if it just isn’t worth the hassle. I had the last pick in my draft so don’t have any elite RB.

I am in standard scoring. Here is my current list. I need to play 2 x RBs and 3 x WRs:

QB: Rivers
RBs: McCaffrey, Lynch, K Johnson, Powell, Fournette
WRs: Hopkins, Sanders, Baldwin, K Cole, Cooper
TE: Njoku

I picked him up because while I like my depth, I don’t have many stars that can win me my league. But I don’t know if I am better off without him and bank on Kerryon getting more work and becoming a star or picking up Foreman and hoping he takes over the backfield in Houston.

Any advice would be great!



if you don’t want the hassle trade him, not quite sure why he was dropped, seems like a pick up that could win you a league

Thanks. That’s what I am hoping. But I just have a feeling he won’t be back until week 10. I pounced as soon as I saw him dropped.