Drop freeman and/or drake

10 team 1/2 ppr league.

In a vaccum would you drop

Royce Freeman or Drake?

For Malcolm brown, John ross, TJ Hockenson,Chris Thompson etc.

I think I would drop Freeman for Thompson. Redskins will play from behind most of the year probably and he will see plenty of targets. He had 10 targets in a game in which they were ahead. I like TJ too but I would not pick him up unless you need a TE and would be playing him right away.

I’d drop Drake in a heartbeat. That team is a disaster and is always going to be playing from behind. I think he got like 5 touches last week. I’d rather have any of those 4 than him on my roster. Just depends where you are weakest.

Yeah I agree… But I am kinda in a slight hold to see if they maybe trade him… But not sure who really would need him or use him right now… So he is prob a drop

I would not let freeman go yet, Drake is worthless for anything but a bench clogger