Drop Fuller for Lockett?

I’ve got Fuller on my bench but Lockett is available. I would have to drop Fuller and I’m not willing to drop anyone else. Go for it?

I wouldn’t I prefer fuller to Lockett. That Hou offense is centered around fuller/Hopkins. Despite Coutee showing up, I think Fuller is still what makes it go forward. He had his 1st down week ever.

Have to be honest, I’m nervous about Fuller’s hamstring. That injury drives me nuts.

I hear yeah man. If it was an RB, I wouldn’t touch it (i.e. Fournette). But when it comes to fuller, the risk / reward is just too good to pass up.

I’m currently trying to buy low on fuller. That man is going to produce yeah he has injury concerns but I’m willing to risk it for a price that is right with the production he has showed.

Okay, thanks for taking me off the ledge.

I’d rather deal Fuller than drop him. Lockett is the deep threat right now and has been the bright spot for WR for Sea, but dropping Fuller seems like a bad move. Prefer to deal Fuller and something for a useful piece to free up a spot versus just dropping Fuller when he has downfield skills on a pass happy team.

Even better! Thanks. Just hope he’s still there if I get a trade.