Drop Fuller or Walker for M. Jones?

Looking at picking up Marvin Jones (to play in place of DK Metcalf)

I have Waller so Walker seems unnecessary BUT mostly holding to mostly blocking from others in a shallow TE position (even if he hasn’t been that great).

Or is Fuller droppable at this point given his multi-week injury timeline?

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I have Hill, Cooper, Metcalf, Green, Fuller at WR, so drop Fuller to add Jones or drop Walker?

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I like to play “keep away” too.

I have Marvin bro. I do like him alot for a solid stand in. But don’t chase the huge game. He’s only gone over 9.5 fantasy points twice this season.

Ironically, I went out and snagged Metcalf for this week lol. I have Lockett and and I’m considering the stack vs the matchup the next two weeks.

I’m imagining you’re not looking for a #1 by trying to acquire Jones. And if that’s the case, why turn away from Metcalf? Lockett gets the targets. But DK is a big boy. And he’s strong and has nice speed. You’re not in PPR so I think he’s a great #2 or FLEX depending on your roster or matchup.

What’s your opinion?

Yeah, I definitely don’t NEED Jones, he would just be a stand in this week as my #1 and #2 are Hill and Cooper. And I typically flex a RB as I have CMC, Fournette, and Jacobs.

I may just not bother with Jones and roll Metcalf. The two worry with Metcalf at the moment is possible punishment for last week’s awful fumble and SEA playing ATL which should be pretty easy and favor the running game…but ATL secondary is pretty poor so that may allow yardage on low volume (Metcalf’s MO)

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Well first, DK is young, and Pete Carroll came from USC. He knows how to handle young guys. And I’m sure that fumble was addressed but, look back. The kids been solid.

And you’re right. It could be easy but running is what you get with SEA. They’re so successful it opens everything else. DK is good underneath too.

Think about this. Ryan’s kinda banged up but he was getting big air yards inflating the scores even though they were arguably easy win for opposing teams. If the scores keep going up that’s production. I guess it does make sense to keep an eye on Ryan though.

Did I see Matt Shaub came in?? That can’t be right, is it?