Drop Geronimo for Darwin with thin WR bench?

I’m in a 3 WR league, Full PPR, and dropping Geronimo will leave me with only four WRs. I am stacked immensely at RB and thin at WR But I am finding it hard to resist picking up the high upside of Darwin.


If you are not playing Darwin this week and stacked at RB i dont think this is a good idea. Seeing as even if Darwin takes over the passing work he will still be splitting time with Shady. so you will likely never play him.

Agree with @Ghost228 unless Williams or McCoy get ruled out for significant time then sure take a shot with Darwin. Otherwise in a 3WR full PPR don’t hurt your depth there for a bench stash

@Ghost228 and @james89, appreciate the input. Just didn’t want to miss out on the next big thing by keeping a WR who would only play during bye or injury, but you guys are right. Thanks again