Drop Gesicki for Jonnu? (waivers / ROS?)

only been one week (obviously) but Jonnu looked good on Monday and AJ brown looks like he might miss the week as of this post.

Took a late TE shot at Gesicki in the draft, but is it time to pivot?

Who do you think will be more consistent for ROS??

I hate to just cut a player but I would.
Tennessee will be in scoring position way more than Miami. Plus when they are in scoring position, as you saw last week, Henry is gonna pull everyone to him leaving Jonnu as a legit red zone threat. With no AJ Brown, Jonnu is set for more volume.

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gotta stack the box at the goal line on Henry, great point to bring up.

ROS, with AJ Brown, do you still like Jonnu over Gesicki?

Iā€™m a Gesicki fan, but I certainly go Jonnu.
Belichik is also a big Jonnu supporter. I think he knows a thing or two about football!

he has coached a handful of good players in his time lol

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