Drop Gillislee for Lewis?

Need to have one of them going forward. Thanks in advance

I am in the exact same position, interested to hear the advice as I’m too nervous to trade Gilly for Lewis

Yeah, I really don’t know what to do with this guy anymore

I’m a Gilly owner and trying to figure out what I can get for him. You’d think by now we’d know not to get sucked into relying on Pats RBs, but Blount last year was a scoring machine and I bought into thinking Gilly was the new Blount. I still kind of think his season total will be OK, but you’ll never know when he’ll get in the end zone and without a TD, his ceiling seems to be about 6. Ugh!

The added frustration with Gilly is that the NE defense is so bad they can’t seem to get a fully positive game script going where they are clearly aiming to run the clock out.

I’m in a trade right now, gillislee and Pryor for wentz. Are gillislee owners on tilt?

I certainly am. If you watch the NE games, Dion Lewis has been filling his role and doing a pretty good job. Especially in the red zone. But we are talking NE RBs, so things can change without a moments notice. But the bonus for Lewis in my mind is he is also involved as a pass catching back which means defenses don’t immediately stack the box like they do on Gilly.