Drop Gordon?

I’ve been super negative on Josh Gordon since week 2 and had been talked into starting him the past couple weeks to my dismay. With this most recent game on Thursday I’m honestly at a point where I’m thinking about dropping him he’s under performed in literally every game except week 1 when he scored a td. I’ve been trying to shop him around but no one wants him similarly I don’t think it’d be worth trading him for someone who’s equal if not worse to him in production. I think my only option is to drop him to just get him away from me so I stop starting him.

I dropped him when Antonio Brown came in and have yet to have any regrets. This week I play the guy who picked him up so I’m off to a great start already!

I wanna drop him now but I started him this week and the NFL site does this thing where you can drop players and they’ll get cut from the lineup and you can start someone else in ttheir place. Hes my next dropped player so I wanna drop him to pick up Malcolm Brown in case Gurley misses time this week but I don’t wanna cause a problem by dropping someone who only scored 1 point out of my lineup.