Drop Greg Olsen for Dalvin Cook?

The Dalvin Cook owner is fed up with him and dropped him for some reason. Should I drop Greg Olsen for him? I have Trey Burton as my main TE right now.

I would. I dont see olsen going too long on tbat broken foot. Cook is worrh the flyer I think.

Yeah I would if there is one else you are willing to drop, maybe try to trade Olsen on name value as well? Cook has a nice playoff schedule

He’s pretty much the only one I have that I can drop at the moment. On my bench I have Josh Gordon, Winston, Cohen, Michel, Chubb, and Evans.

i wouldnt do this… im not a fan of keeping injured guys on my bench.
Cook maybe will be able to play in Week 11 and u already got the injured michel on your bench. Use the Bench spot for something that could help you

That’s what I’m fighting with right now. Trying to see if the upside is worth it. My main goal is to solidify myself for playoffs. I’m 7-0 currently and have Gurley, Conner (who I will be losing soon), and Kerryon starting this week. Olsen might be worth just hanging onto though. Other than Cook, there really isn’t anyone else on waivers that I’m needing. I just need to fill the hole that Conner will leave in my roster.
I have the 3rd waiver priority right now so I’m not sure if I should waste that or save it in case I have an injury?

I’d say trade Conner and Olsen instead of hoping for an injured Cook. IMO Olsen is not worth to drop him

If u have Trey Burton. Cook is 100% worth picking up and u should drop Olsen. Or drop Burton and play Olsen. Cook has very high upside because they will rest him until he is 100 % Healthy. At which point he should become the low end rb1 he was drafted as. You don’t need 2 tes and your roster come playoffs will be much improved with cook

If this is a keeper league, and depending on how your keeper rules worth, it may be worth it if you have the roster spot. That means you are just holding this spot for an injured player that may not be useful until week 11 or 12.

Not a keeper league, it’s redraft standard.

Then in that case let someone else clog their bench for now. You could always try and trade for him later.

@MikeMeUpp what are your thoughts? Seems like it’s half and half here regarding advice lol.

Why would u wanna trade for him once he becomes desirable and lose something you already have?
You cant play 2 tes unless you wanna flex one of them and I don’t think either of them are flexible.

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Cook belongs on a roster. I would 100% drop a TE to get him.

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Fournette was dropped this week in my league. I snagged him off waivers this morning bc I have an IR spot. It’ll freeze my roster every week when they change his status but I’ll deal with that unless something major happens forcing me to make a move.

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Which one would you drop? Burton or Olsen?

Olsen. Burton coming on strong. Olsen is risky to leave at any point due to foot. I wouldnt bet on him making it through the season.

That was my thoughts too. I’m sticking with Burton for sure.

Gotta get both. Isn’t there anyone else? Olsen is useful as hell.

Olsen definitely