Drop greg olsen for hunter henry?

So I’m in a bit of a pickle footclan. Im currently in 1st place with a 10 and 2 record. I have had Greg Olsen stashed for the last 4 weeks to be my playoff te but now with his reaggravation of his injury hes pretty risky. Hunter henry is on the waiver wire so the question is do i drop olsen for henry or drop austin ekeler who i have as my melvin gordon handcuff for Henry? And then i would just play henry until i feel confident in Olsen. Thanks!

Complete line up?

Here you go

Tough call…Hunter Henry is sort of all over the place…he has great games and then he goes mia…could end up balancing each other out one due to lack of ability to play and the other with how much Rivers spreads the damn ball…I’d go for Henry though better matchups and at least he will be playing!

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Thanks. Ill go that route. Much appreciated!

I would do it.