Drop greg olsen for oj howard?

I have jordan reed who is obviously an injury risk at some point this season. I wasn’t carrying a second tight end until the greg olsen owner dropped him last week so i picked him up. this is a 12 tm half pt league. Should i drop olsen for oj howard since we don’t have a definitive date on olsen’s return? i could also drop yeldon (i don’t own fournette) would you keep 3 tight ends until we see more of howard and find out a final return date for olsen?

I’d drop Olsen for Howard. Reed has a bye in week 4, so it’d be wise to find a fill in now. If Kittle is on waivers I’d prob grab him ahead of Howard. In any case, Olsen isn’t worth holding onto IMO.

yeah kittle was drafted in my league its with my iowa buddies so we knew about kittle long ago haha tight end depth is weak on waiver rn. i have yeldon (but not fournette) is he worth dropping and holding on to olsen and howard?

No, I would keep Yeldon. I think it’s safe to move away from Olsen with his recent injury history.

I would drop Olsen for Howard. His injury has a high rate of recurrence. I think Howard’s use will only increase in that offense regardless of who is under center.

In no world am I rostering 3 TEs unless its a start 2 TE league.

I’m not dropping yeldon for Howard either. If you don’t have an IR spot, drop Olsen, he’s not worth the burned roster slot.

I have russ but after him being sacked so many times i’m thinking about dropping yeldon for andy dalton as an insurance policy since waivers for qbs rn are looking bad, thoughts?

No. Just keep playing Russ. Doesn’t matter if he gets sacked. He’s the only offense on that entire team.

Rostering 2 TEs and 2 QBs is just burning roster slots during the most important waiver time of the year.

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