Drop H Henry Help

Looks like he might be out a while. Not sure if I should drop or hold as dont want to drop anyone else. Best waivers below.

Hooper , Reed , Davis, Witten, Higbee, Disney.

Thanks for the help

Watching I have Henry…

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

I’d probably try pick up Hooper but unless you have an IR slot you really need to think about dropping.

Same boat here, but McDonald is available on waivers. Considering dropping for him

Unfortunately we do not have an IR spot.

One report says 4-6 weeks but coach said they hope he is back this season so might have to drop .

Gurley owner has Waller. I have Brown so not sure if he would do trade.

If it makes you feel better I just dropped henry because Tyreek is in my IR. No room to wait 4+ weeks

I’m now thinking about dropping as well. I don’t have another obvious guy to remove :frowning:

Drop Henry for hooper or Vance dance

Vance is gone but will grab Hooper.

I have Henry in another league. Best options are Graham or Olsen. Any preference between the 2.


Graham for mine.

I like graham too, Rodgers said he wants graham more involved so I think he will some touchdown potential every game

Thanks for the help