Drop Harry for McCoy?

16 team .5 ppr dynasty no IR spots. McCoy is on the waiver wire. Should I keep Harry as a stash or drop for McCoy.

This is redraft, not dynasty. You do not drop NKeal harry cause he’s going to miss 8 games.

McCoy is worth an add but given its a 16 game league, I’m sure you can find someone else to drop.

I guess I should have given more context. Very low on playable RBs and don’t need the depth in WR. My starting RBs are Drake and Murray so I’m pretty desperate. Someone outbid me in FAAB anyways so I didn’t get him

It doesn’t matter what the context is here. N’Keal harry was the 1.01 at one point and fell to like top 5 at worst. You don’t drop a 1st round rookie pick before they play a down cause of injury in dynasty. Unless your roster size is somehow only like 8-10 players deep, I can’t think of a single reason for dropping harry.

Bench is 8

8 Bench for a dynasty roster? jesus christ. That is incredibly shallow. I still would not drop Harry though for what it’s worth. Assuming your total roster is around 16 or so?

Yeah it’s very shallow.and yeah 16 man roster. Since posting this thread my commish added IR spots though haha.