Drop Henry Ruggs?

Wondering if anyone is holding out hope on Ruggs?

With all the other injuries of proven players, its been tough waiting on him.

Yet, I find myself hesitant to drop him for both one week guys (like Giovani - if Mixon is out… like Justin Watson, Beasley, etc) and hot waiver adds (Jefferson, K Cole, etc).

Curious what others are doing.

Seeing how I’m not desperate to start any cheap waiver adds, I still learn wait on his potential. I think he misses week 4 and 5. But it’s a long season and Id hate to see him rostered elsewhere week 10 as a stud or on waivers and having to FAAB battle.

It really depends on your record and roster. If you can afford to hold him and you believe in Ruggs then keep him because thats what you want to do. However, rookie WRs rarely hit their first year.

I believe if he’s healthy and plays, he’ll be relevant for fantasy.

I just cant gauge how long this injury will lag. I feel like even the Fantasy Doctors don’t mention his injury and the podcast doesn’t seem to give an estimate return. He kinda is the forgotten, don’t want to talk about it guy.

Again, I’ll circle back to it, I think he’s a better wait and see in 3-4 weeks than a safe Beasley type guy.