Drop herndon or? Need advise

Ppr 2 wr 1 rb 1 flex

I have waller on a bye and scooped up Herndon last week. Now with the latest news i need someone to play. On the waiver is Akins, davis, cook , seals jones, etc…

I have Herndon, waller, D jackson, robby anderson, sammy watkins , sony on my bench
(Other wrs are juju and sanu)
(Other rbs are zeke kerryon)

I also received a trade offer for sony and i would get OJ.

Do i drop herndon?
Take the trade?
Or drop someone else?

Sorry its a long read and thanks in advance!

Dont do Sony for OJ whatever you do.

Seals Jones isn’t bad for a week. Gerald Everett could also be a good play this week.

I think you have to drop Herndon and stream a TE. The trade you’re being offered is basically Sony for any random waiver TE right now as OJ isn’t showing himself worth being on fantasy rosters

You could get better for Sony in my opinion. Cook might be a good waiver pickup for this week and Seals-Jones might be good too, quick pass to get away from danger for Mayfield with Seattle’s defense.

Do not take the trade! OJ is a disaster this year so far and I would prefer any of the other TEs over Howard. I think you have no choice but to drop Herndon for another TE

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Thanks for the help everyone!