Drop Hines or Edmonds to pick up a defense?

10 team redraft league full ppr with 6 point passing tds, also full point for first downs.

We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2rbs, one te, 2 flex.

Current roster

Qb- Stafford

Rbs- Kamara, Aaron Jones, Singletary, Jordan Howard, Kerryon, Chris Thompson, Hines, Edmonds.

Wrs- DJ Moore, Chark, Keenan, Crowder, Marvin Jones,Golden Tate

Tes- Kittle, Jonnu.

Thanks in advance

Hines easy. You will never play hines without multiple injuries. If edmonds gets that job he’s got the upside to make it into your lineup.

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I’d say drop Jonnu instead. You can find backup TE depth year round but rb going be thin

This is a good option too but I personally might wait a week or two to see if the Jonnu hype materializes. Apparently the Titans players have been saying they all think he’s the most likely to break out this year.