Drop Hines?

Firstly, this isn’t an overreact to that 0.9 game, although that did cost me the week…

I’m in a 0.5ppr, 10 team league. this is my team.

Jacobs, Drake, Gibson, Kelley, Hines
Ridley, Woods, Allen, Anderson, Jeudy

I just got Anderson on the waivers, but Dionte Johnson is still sitting there and could be good to have, and I think I’d rather keep Robby over Hines.
I like the Colts to win more than they lose, and not sure I can trust Hines again.

I agree with you, I’d rather have Dionte Johnson than Hines. The amount of targets that he’s been getting is definitely worth a roster spot. Plus the return yardage is a nice bonus.

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Yeah if he has another decent game soon he’ll be picked up for sure. Same reason I picked up Robby, only for him it was an easier drop (Parris Campbell).
Would rather have better RB depth but maybe I can turn one of these guys around

Ya you have a strong WR group and RBs as well, you could easily trade one of those receivers for something better than hines,