Drop Hockenson for a WR?

10 team STD WRs are Davante, Julio, AJ Brown…and AJ Green.

TE is Henry with Hockenson on the bench

RBs are Carson, David Johnson, Antonio Gibson, Joshua Kelley, and Devonte Freeman…

Do i drop TJ for a WR…or just play any WR that goes and possibly take a 0 at WR?

I got Kyler, so he could pull me out of the fire being a man down…

Next best TE on Waivers is Logan Thomas or the Cincy guy

Was league high scorer week 1, lost week 2 by a point…scored 97 with 2 non-Kyler TDs

Unless this league is TE premium league , I’d only roster one tightend. I’d expect there are likely some pretty great options on the waiver wire if something were to happen to Henry.

Would suggest an RB or WR over rostering 2 TEs.


Generally, you can find a WR on the waiver, especially if you are in desperate need of a WR.

Since Brown is out and Julio is trending to be out, I would drop Hockenson for a WR.

When Henry is on bye you can find a TE to stream that week.

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