Drop hogan for Higgins?

Should I drop hogan and pick up Higgins or am I jumping the gun? I wouldnt start him so I feel like I can wait till next week and no one will pick him up but that’s an IF… what do you guys think? (I wouldn’t start hogan either)

Dump… thoughts?

That’s a tough one. What kind of league/ and size is it? I like Higgins here, more opportunity here, but there is the same for Hogan without Edelman around.
I’m wondering about Jermaine Kearse, Cooper Kupp, anybody else available?

Hogan has proved he can hang with the best and put up high-end WR2 numbers every week. Higgins has literally played one game and people think he’s the next Josh Gordon in Cleveland. Dropping Hogan for him is a risky call and if you’re feeling lucky then go ahead and pick him up. But if it were me, I’m keeping Hogan.

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This is my 8 team PPR league so bench spots are pretty stacked, I’ll just wait another week and see how they do. Thank you!