Drop Hogan for Marquis Lee?

Footclan. I’m rostering both Hogan and Woods. I don’t need either at the moment assuming Mike Thomas, Jeffery and Crowder stay healthy.

Should I go ahead and drop either for Marquis Lee? Docston and Josh Gordon are both still available

This is tough. I don’t think Hogan is worth holding onto since he’s not even practicing. However, Doctson and Lee are big-play dependant and don’t really convert them as often as I think they should to make them worth rostering. Josh Gordon would be a dope glory play, but there’s absolutely NO way of knowing how he’ll play after 2 years out of the game.

Right. At this point, I can afford to wait for Hogan or Woods… But just in case, I’d rather have a player that’s actually healthy!

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I’m in the same boat. I’m getting sick of this with Hogan. not practicing and it’s been a month. I’ve held him this long and it would be a kick in the teeth to have someone else grab him, but I’m concerned about the guy even coming back. Woods I’m a little more confident in. I swear though…he better not be in the same boat…haha

My WR don’t have the same floor as you. You can actually wait. What would you do in my situation? 1pt ppr
Tate, Sanders, Doctson, Crabtree(susp) Woods, Hogan. Shepard on waiver available Sat. FA…Kearse, Goodwin, Zay Jones…etc.

Corey Coleman available

Personally I still really like Lee. Patrick Peterson made him invisible last game, just like he’s done to nearly everybody, and the week before that they were dealing with some weather, but I think those targets will come back.

I picked up Lee and a good match up… we see Indy corner hurt as well … or I heard…:):face_with_raised_eyebrow: