Drop Hogan or Wilkins?

Rb - Howard/Royce/Hines/Duke/WILKINS
Wr - Sanders/Cooper/Josh Gordon/Cole/Godwin/Kirk/HOGAN

Which one is droppable? Wilkins or Hogan. 12 team PPR.

“Former Lev owner”

@MikeMeUpp @Fins777 @alexm

wilkins first. Since you have Hines.

Thanks man. Our league goes after RB hard that’s why I am leaning to drop Hogan bc I feel he is more expendable. Tough drop IMO.

Let them go after Wilkins. He is pretty useless though. After 4 weeks, has had the chance to win the starting job and really hasn’t shown anything beyond a replacement level back. Also colts o line still sucks so trying to own that running game is not going to be productive outside of hines

I agree, Wilkins for sure. I don’t really love Hogan right now, but I would still stash him personally.