Drop Hogan

Can you reasonably cut Chris Hogan now that he’s pulled the full Houdini and is irrelevant? I don’t think he has any trade value at this point.

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I waived him for a TE, but if I dont get my TE imma drop him without remorse.

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Im dropping Hogan this week to make room for Ingram from my RES spot… And I don’t feel bad about it at all


I was gonna drop him last week but someone wanted him as a trade piece lol.

dont just drop him for no reason though. we’ll see what his actual ROS should look like this week with Edelman back and the team at full force.

this THursday , in fact

It’s not for no reason at this point though. in 4 games he’s been targeted 15 times, caught 8, and while he had 2 TDs in week 2, he’s been absolutely unusable the other 3 games. I’m 1-3 and I need to turn the team into usable points. Hogan does me no good getting 2 receptions a game for 40 yards and no TD sitting on my bench cause he’s Unstartable.

k. just meant to see what he does when his offense looks how it will be for the next 12 games. and if you aren’t filling his spot with anyone else, didn’t see any purpose in dropping him without seeing that. feel free to drop him