Drop Hollywood Brown...?

So the bye week is hitting me hard this week, and I’ve got two WRs to play this week—Marquise Brown (who might not play) and John Brown who I just picked up. If Marquise doesn’t play, I’ve got no other options at WR and no space on my bench.

Do I drop him for DK Metcalf or Will Fuller (if my claim goes through—he was just dropped to waivers) this week? Is Hollywood worth trying to keep?

I’d keep or trade

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Depends on how much FAAB you spent or how deep your bench is and also how big/competitive your league is. Hold or trade before straight up cutting unless your back is against a wall

i’d consider dropping him for fuller, but i’d do all you can to just acquire fuller while retaining hollywood as well

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I would take Fuller over him only because of opportunity. Watson is playing lights out and giving Fuller targets all over the field and is dropping dimes all over. At this point I would easily take Fuller over Hollywood ROS.

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Would you try to trade him for Gallup? I want to keep Brown, but I can’t really drop anyone else on my team. I just need a WR who will actually suit up and play on Sunday.

Gallup owner won’t trade for Hollywood for sure. I’d keep Hollywood if you can then drop someone else quickly especially since guys like Fuller are available.