Drop Hyde for

Would you drop Hyde to stash Elijah McGuire or Josh Adams?

I’d hold Hyde until I see LF. Eagles are on bye. If you still have decent priority or Faab you should be able to get one of the two next week. If you are trying to stash and save and its PPR then I like McGuire way better. Adams will be used similar to Jordan Howard or Royce Freeman. He won’t be catching many passes.

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Instead of dropping Hyde would you drop David Moore?? I already have Adams Edelman Gordon Sutton and Smith at WR

Moore is a TD play. They won’t throw enough and you have a good WR corps. I don’t think that’s terrible.

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What do you think about Gronk? I’m debating if I should try trading him and Chubb for a RB. Any suggestions on who to go after? I also have Doyle as my 2nd TE in a full ppr league

I’d keep Chubb. You should be able to get a decent back for Gronk if thats the route you want to go. Try for Kerryon or someone.

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Between Gordon and Edelman which would u rather trade or which do u think I can get more for?

You might could find someone willing to give you more for Gordon I think. It’s hard having two WR on same team.

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Yea I’ve been trying to trade one lol