Drop it like it hot! need some help!

I just checked my league activity. someone dropped Hollywood Brown and Sutton.

Which should i pick up? and who to drop?
my team:
QB: Lamar Jackson
RBS: Lev Bell, Gurley, Chris Carson, David Montegomry, Singletary, penny
WRs: Thielen, Robert Woods, Mike Williams, DJax, John Brown
TE: Everrt, Mark Andrews

I’d drop Penny for one of the two. Sutton has been more consistent, but I like Brown’s upside and offense more. But either would be an improvement over Penny.

even if penny is my handcuff for carson?

I’m not a huge handcuff fan, unless it’s Gurley or someone who gets injured a lot. But that’s just my opinion.

i was thinking of dropping mike williams for sutton

I actually would drop Everett now that I see it. I am not a big fan of carrying 2 TE’s.

only reason i have evertt is to put him in week 8 for mark andrews for baltimore bye