Drop it like it’s hot - FAAB check

I’m shaking my head as someone drops Jordan howard on a bye week in a 12 man .5 ppr league

I have 70 of 100 left

What do I blow on him? Do I worry about Cohen? Or do I just spend 70 and roll with the faith?

Would love the advice

As worrisome as he has been, there is no reason for Howard to be on waivers. He’s still the lead back on a team with a great defense who will lead in touches.

It’s hard to give how much to spend FAAB advice cause every single league is different. Know your own league but in my leagues, I would have to spend everything I have on Howard.

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Thanks for the advice. I know I posted earlier this week about Cook being on waivers and you responded, and the strange thing is these teams are actually competitive, they just show no loyalty when players do bad.

Last year I had a team of all “all stars” and I was looking like Jason’s team this year going 0-4 with a ton of big names on my team.

I’m so hesitant to drop 70 on him and not be able to bid later but I feel like it could be worth it

How’s your depth, if you need a back then go get him. If he is going to be a high end flex play I’d go about 3/4 of your FAAB but you know how people spend their FAAB in your league but leave something in the piggy bank if you need it later in the season, unless of course you NEED a RB2