Drop It Like It’s Hot Inquiry!

Okay so I’m in a predicament on my stashed RBs vs if I should drop them for this week’s Waiver drops which will become available tomorrow in the AM (how the window works), so I’m going to name 4 names! Keep 2 and drop 2

-Ameer Abdullah
-Tarik Cohen
-Andre Ellington
-Mike Gillislee


Keep Abdullah and Cohen.

Drop Ellington and Gilislee.

Keep Abdullah and Gillislee, drop Cohen and Ellington. Maybe seek a trade with Cohen if there’s a fan in your league but I think he’s too hit or miss the rest of the way.

Keep Cohen and Ellington
Drop Abdullah and Gilislee

This is a tough one but I value them Abdullah, Cohen, Gillislee, Ellington. I think about it from the perspective of which player’s team wants him to succeed more.

Abdullah - Highest Floor
Cohen - Hightest Ceiling/PPR value
Gillislee - Unpredictable
Ellington - Will get faded out

IMO your definitely keeping Abdullah. He’s a starting running back in the NFL and he’s getting most of the carries. In this day and age that’s hard to find. Ellington is a drop. Peterson is now their main back and Ellington will only be used if they fall behind and need to abandon the run. The other two are tricky, but I would most likely drop Gillisee over Cohen, because he put himself in the doghouse and there are too many rbs in that New England backfield. Cohen in the other hand will get work. But, ultimately I would keep Cohen and try to trade him or package him in a deal to get someone better lol.