Drop it like it's haaaawt

I wanna hear them all. Who are you dropping and who are you dropping them for tonight?
Tell me all of them- all of your leagues. This is a crucial part of the season and I wanna hear what’s going on in everyone’s heads. Go!

I’m dropping Jamison Crowder for Mitch Trubisky in one league( super flex league and I only have Russel Wilson and Ryan Fitzpatrick). Hoping he gets his Sh** together and maybe he’s useable with a great schedule.

In a 14 man league, I’m dropping NY Giants D for KC for the match up or Arizona for the playoff schedule. I also have Indy D. So really debating either keeping them and playing them weekly and not look at other Ds and pick up another bench piece. Might grab Akins to see how well he does with no Fuller(Logan Thomas my TE)

My team in 10 man league looks pretty good and only thing I’m debating is dropping either Jonnu or Noah Fant for Foreman since I have Henry.

So what’s going on in your leagues!? GO!

I have no claims in my 14 team league but will maybe put one in before weekend. I picked up Raiders for this one last week, but considering just going with Saints.

So I may drop the Raiders and pick up Trubisky to play over Matt Ryan. Very ugly but the stream qb situation in this league is quite horrible and I’m becoming increasingly worried about Ryan this week. When Trubisky is the answer you’re obviously asking the wrong question.

Still mulling it over. Otherwise maybe Justin Jackson and store on IR.

I dropped Mike Davis and picked up David Johnson.

Oh wow, David Johnson just out there? No Fuller, Watson has to throw it to someone else besides Cooks. I get it though- I picked up Drake in one league off waivers.

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That’s an awesome way to put it! “When Trubisky is the answer you’re obviously asking the wrong question.” Wow! hahaha.

Dropping Hyde (I have Carson) for Kittle. Super risky but I drafted Kittle and can’t let some other team grab him if he ends up coming back.

PS we can only use IR spots for Covid players

Did you guys get what you needed?

I got Trubz- paid too much for him but I need a second QB. This Trubisky owning Detroit narrative is gonna kill me this week. And now that I dropped Crowder I bet he goes off.
Also grabbed my playoff defense in the 14 man league. Arizona has some really nice match ups. Although, Akins is out there and I’m debating dropping them now and taking a chance on him. I have Logan Thomas. Either that or grabbing Foreman to handcuff Henry.
Decisions, decisions.

Dropped Lazard King to pick up Booker since I have Jacobs and I am pretty sure I am dropping Chark for JK Dobbins who is currently sitting on my IR.

Arizona has a great schedule, I wouldn’t risk it on Akins he still splits with Fells etc. I have Henry too but I don’t even know if it’s necessarily worth picking up Foreman. I might change my mind later though. I picked up Devontae Booker in hopes to use him as a trade piece (targeting Kenny G) since I already clinched a first round bye. Thoughts?

So lost Fuller and obj from this team only had Crowder Claypool and Chark left at WR

Scooped Pittman and Raiders D and Booker. only 4 of 10 go to playoffs so i have to win out the last 2 weeks here.

best available on waivers is Hamler, Mims, Patrick Renolds… so not much for me to choose from probably starting chark and claypool and hoping for the best.

with being ablee to get booker, now I have Jones,Monty, Drake and Booker,Gio,
probably starting the first 3 unless someone can tell me to start booker over one of those?

I picked up David Johnson and dropped Mike Davis in both of my leagues!

However, in only 1 league I have a shot at playoffs :disappointed_relieved:

If Jacobs is out as expected I’d be starting Booker. I think I prefer him to Drake just. Tough choice

At WR Josh Reynolds is the best play I think as he’s became a part of Rams now.

I was wondering about Reynolds. I just dont know well enough to trust him in the must win matchup. With Woods and Kupp always seemingly ahead of him idk if i can trust a 3 on a team. I know hes had some good games but youd start him over Chark?

Drake facing the Rams D does worry me so if Jacobs sits I think your right start booker over him. Thanks

Two weeks was that huge blow up game from Woods. Other than that, Reynolds has been averaging the same targets as him and is definitely a part of that offense. That’s a main reason I traded Woods for a huge piece and picked up Reynolds. Rams being the better team is makes Reynolds the better pick up but Tim Patrick has been a focal point, granted in a bad team but is usually pretty good for a TD.

Thanks man, that’s all I needed to hear- Arizona stays. What’s your thoughts on Indy? I have them as well. Sort of wanna see if they attack Houston.

I know, all the Henry hype is scaring me a little bit and making me paranoid.

Does the Kenny G owner have Jacobs? I think that move is pretty good- I personally don’t think Kenny G is fine and think he might not even come back. There’s still hope, especially now with all the trash coaching and front office being fired. Detroit might wanna show what they can do. Anyway, if you get Kenny G for a piece you just picked up off the waivers, well that’s a huge win.

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Detroit fan here. I think Kenny G was gonna hold out the rest of the season if Bob Quinn was still the Gm. There was serious issues with our players and our staff. That all said its a contract year for him and if he wants to get out of Detroit like I think he does he needs to come back and show his health after missing so many games this year hes looking to get paiddd He will come back and getting him for Booker seems like a great deal.

@Marencophoto Indy has been so trustworthy all year minus last week. Id have no worry starting them every week here on out they shouldnt burn you like this past week

Also can someone just tell me no and that im crazy. Im looking at Dez for this week… Revenge game against the Cowboys. Slowly has been worked more into the offense and they need his size and abilities. Am i just dumb for considering that he could have a big game?

This has been the year of the Revenge Game Narrative. Ha- I don’t think that’s crazy. At all.
It’s a friendly match up and Jackson isn’t really looking at Hollywood. Question is, who are you sitting for Bryant and/or who are you dropping to grab him.

Thanks man- thanks for the Indy reassurance.
Definitely appreciate the Detroit’s perspective on Kenny G.

It is just my opinion on Kenny G no like real facts to back it outside of the social media posts but it really just felt like he was gonna sit out the rest of the year to deal with a different GM from either another team or if Quinn got fire. (also so pumped about the firings)

Id be sitting Chark to play Dez and probably drop like Mike Davis since he wont really be used now. Also crazy the dropoff for chark this year…

Fulgham to make room JT

Made the move to add Trubisky. Feel like it’s not a great move but playoffs are secure so can take a bit of a gamble especially as I just don’t believe in Matt Ryan this week.

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