Drop it like it's hot: AJ Brown?!

An 0-3 team just dropped AJ Brown in my league. I’m currently 1-2. Do I throw some faab at him or let someone else waste a bench spot waiting for his bone to unbruise?

On Roster (start 2+flex):

  • Adams
  • OBJ
  • Flying V
  • John Brown
  • Keelan Cole

1/2PPR – 12 Team League

100% drop cole for him. We dunno when he’ll come back or what he’ll look like but the talent is too great to not take a shot

Agreed. What’s the bid? Hope he flies under the radar and lowball it or be aggressive knowing the WR1 upside?

I’d be very aggressive, not going to be a ton of waiver options of this caliber through out the year.

Idk how much you have left but 30 or so dollars feels appropriate, but i’m not great at judging FAAB amounts (i always overbid lol, like in this instance i would do 35+) so if someone else weighs in on that aspect you’ll have a better idea.

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