Drop it like it's hot... Which Josh?

Would you rather try to pick up Josh Gordon or Josh Reynolds this week prior to the games in anticipation of what happens going forward with waivers and or Cooks concussion issues.

Gordon. It’s a guessing game with the rams pass catchers right now not named kupp

Would you drop Ty Johnson

Not close enough to lions backfield right now. But it sounds like Ty is the best back but splits were 1/3 each. I didn’t watch him run but if you think he’s the best back then no. Gordon is a shot in the dark I think. I dropped dede for him.

Yeah and like the guys said. If you hold him a week to see what shakes out and then he had the Bears and then the Cowboys. Do you really want to keep him or cut loses? Will a talent like Gordon be around in a few weeks if he dont work out. I have Kamara coming back after bye and have Chubb, J Williams and Breida w/ Mattison waiting in the wings.

Gordon isn’t even playing in his first week with the Hawks. It’s already been noted. Even if he was I’d still roll with Reynolds. The upside is higher that he’ll remain included in the O if Cooks-ie mOnster is out.