Drop it like its hot!

Guy in my league had the misfortune of having Dalvin Cook, Blount, Freeman, and Carson as his RB lineup. Just dropped Fitzgerald to pick up another RB…

So I have some room to do some of my own dropping now.

My WR lineup is currently Allen, Agholor, Cole, E.Sanders, and Baldwin.

I’m leaning towards Baldwin, but I also think Cole while hot may be the better one to drop. Thoughts on who and why would be appreciated!

I would drop Baldwin just because I don’t like rostering guys w/ leg injuries. Baldwin already was only gonna be 80% at best before the second injury. Add that to the fact that the Seahawks offense–and team in general-- is absolutely putrid. I say drop Baldwin and let one of your league mates pick him up and deal w the headache. They may even drop someone good that you can pick up!

That was my initial thought. Particularly after that Chicago game. Fortunately the guy waited to drop till late today so I will be watching to see if the o line is any better at protecting Russell this week. I’ve got both waivers queued up just which one to give priority to.

I drop Baldwin.