Drop it like it's hot?

Mark ingram just got dropped. Not sure if he is a good pick up rest of season as a flex option? Or is he going to be kind of a trap as Kamara Is so involved?

I’d grab him

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Snag him bro

If you can, I’d definitely do as the others suggested. He’s still a HOT target for Brees. If he’s sitting there…I’d DO IT NOW!!!

AND…keep in mind…if Kamara goes down…which he did first rattle out of the box last year around week 14. (I had him and was counting on him the first week of our P/O’s. First play of the game he went down…there went my season!!!) :rage:

Thanks I have to put in a waiver claim going to put a lot of FAB down he was just dropped today so have to wait till Sunday to see what happens

Yah I would assume they will knock back Kamara befor the playoffs to trying to prevent something like that happening

@Craig_pearson… Ya just never know. AND…at this point in the season…it’s so quick to turn from make or break. Sooo……when you’re talking about Brees….WOW…kinda hard to pass up any of his “BIG TICKETS” if you can get your hands on them and can “sensibly” fit them into your roster!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was in good shape but have aj green and Diggs out .diggs should be back but green who knows. Just have bad flex options with those two out

@Craig_pearson. I know what you mean…dadgummit!!! Ya get all these incredible players either from the Draft or Trades or some that become break-outs and you’re lucky enough to get them off WW. NOW…you’re sitting nice and comfy and looking pretty. Then BAM!!!

Suddenly you’re feeling like your whole FFB is just screwed and possibly DONE for the year and grasping for desperate strings!!!

LOL…been there many times!!! So, I definitely feel your pain and frustrations!!! :smirk: