Drop Ito and go for Chubb

I know everyone is losing their minds, me too. I just picked up Ito, should I just drop him and go for Chubb instead?

I’d keep both. Find someone else to drop.

Guess I’m canceling that drop Corey Davis for John Brown to go for Chubb instead then!

John brown is definitely worth a pick to. Can you list out your team? None of these guys belong on the waiver wire.

I know- this is why it’s driving me nuts.

Big Ben
David Johnson
J. Howard
K. Johnson
Ito Smith
Corey Davis
D. Baldwin
Kenny G
Brandon Cooks
Keenan Allen
Trey Burton
Andy Dalton ( just because of bye)


Drop Big Ben. You’re starting dalton for next 2 weeks anyway. Then just stream.

Carrying 2 QBs (2 average ones at that) in a single QB league is just stupid.


Wow. Alright, take it easy Big B.
Thanks Mike