Drop Ito for Riddick?

With Tate being traded, do you think Riddick gets involved in the receiving game more despite Kerryon breaking out and is worth an add? Or Hines? Or keep Ito?

Any thoughts? Ito even worth owning? Forgot to mention 12 team PPR

(Could also drop Mostert)

I know this is kinda of a different situation than you’re posting about, but…concerning Ito…I grabbed him a few weeks ago, but he’s just been taking up bench space, so…after the Ty Mont knews I dropped Ito for Aaron Jones. Soooo…for me…YES, he was worth dropping.

Hines would be ideal to drop of that bunching IMO. Mack is taking over in all phases of the offense.

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Keep ito he has the most upside given the falcons wanna give him the reins so bad to see how they need to go about the future… Detroit backfield is all kerryons. Blount and reddick are irrelevant. Also did u watch the colts raiders game if u think that Hines will have decent role with Mack absolutely rolling right now ur crazy… just hang onto ito he’s a great flex play depending on matchups

@Tschatzz So…what would your thoughts be if I could go back and re-grab ito for Christian Kirk, Smallwood or Snead? All three of those are pretty much putting up double-digit pts PPR each week. Or should I just stick with them?

Personally I hate Smallwood idc what he is putting up right now… u cannot predict the eagles backfield and one of the biggest rbbc in the NFL. No thanks I’d take ito over Smallwood.

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Here’s my roster:

QB: Russell
RB: Gurley
RB: Chubb
WR: Dav Adams
WR: Evans
FLEX: A Jones
DST: Cowboys
K: Kaimi

QB: Trubisky
RB: Coleman
RB: Smallwood
WR: Kupp
WR: Lockett
WR: C Kirk
WR: Snead


TRUE…Phi RB situation is such a mess right now!!!

I’d keep Ito. I think he has the most upside. Coleman’s a FA at the end of the season, and I think he sees increasingly more action as the season winds down. ATL needs to get a better sense what he capable of going forward

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EXACTLY @Hazel11. That’s why I’ve been sitting tight on him and usually been starting him more weeks than not. Glad to see that someone else feels the same!!! :smiley:


Soooo…………sounds like the general consensus at this point is to go back and grab ITO.

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Thanks all. I did drop him but since I didn’t own him for 24 hours I was able to pick him back up before anyone else did.

Would you guys rather Mostert or Riddick in PPR? Can’t gauge SF backfield at all. Breida always hurt, always plays. Mostert ankle hurting but if he’s active and Breida our vs OAK could be worth a start?

Mostert, Riddick or Hines if you had to choose 1?

So…thinking I might just nab ITO back off WW for Smallwood. YES??? NO???

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Yes without hesitation.

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@Tschatzz…yeah me too. :wink: Thanks my friend!!!

@GJN27…sorry buddy. Didn’t mean to “hi-jack” your post!!! :frowning_face:

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No worries at all, made me re-add Ito. It helped haha

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LOL…now see…how cool is that!!! Damn I love this place!!! :grin:

(I just went back in to try to get ITO back myself)

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