Drop J Reed for ASJ

What do you think guys? Pretty frustrated with J. Reed so far.

I think you should. As top as Reed is, Vernon Davis has been catching more, and Cousins has so many targets to throw to. ASJ has proven he’s the main target in the red zone and I think that’s going to continue.


Listen to this guy^^^. He has amazing talent but there are a lot of mouths to feed. ASJ has steady targets and is the only TE worth anything on the Jets. From a fantasy perspective he’s a safer bet.


I have both and am trying to trade Reed on name value alone. I’m planning to roll with ASJ going forward.

I have Reed as well and just find another TE like ASJ cause all Reeds gonna do is frustrate ya as he has done all year-he shouldn’t even be playing in my opinion-he’s playing hurt-Coming off a bye I figured he would be at a lot better-Cousins isn’t really even throwing to him-good luck to ya!!

Thanks guys…

I would not but it appears I am in the minority. He is risky health wise but Washington is a much better offense than the Jets. I do agree though if you can drop someone else and trade Reed for some value that would be the way to go. I think Reed is a top 5 TE when healthy, and ASJ is probably top 10.

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I’m having the same problem. I have Reed and Brate, and if I had started Brate 2/3 weeks I would have won both matchups. Reed is killing my team right now but I don’t feel like hes droppable, or tradable. I basically feel stuck with him taking up a roster spot.

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I’m gonna drop Reed and keep my eyes on Clay and Greg Olsen etc-if I drop Reed takers can have him-I’m over his weak play-great player but he is nowhere healthy-I think there is more to his injuries than we know and that toe problem he’s having is pretty bad as his snap count per game isn’t good-he can’t plant or move on it very well-hell he wasn’t even listed on the injury report off there bye week-SMH

Also I like Brate a lot better than Reed-at least he gives ya something and a pretty darn good TE at that position-TE has been kind of weak in my opinion this year-

I had both and just traded Reed. Somebody will bite!

I have taken advice on a similar Reed ? in regards to trying to get some value back via trade. Ive had no luck so far. Obviously if you can make space for ASJ by dropping someone else, that would be preferable. But at some point, people have to move on. I understand your frustration. I have Brate, and if ASJ was on my wire now, I’d prob make the move and drop him and committee wo the headache.

I’m thinking the bye bought him a bit of a health extension. I willing to bet on Reed having a nice game before he falls apart. I hold for a trade as long as you can. Package someone else or a pick with him.

I was not able to ASJ so I still have Reed. I’m thinking of trading like a couple of you guys suggested. Thanks for the replies!

Keep an eye on Clay and Olsen regarding there injuries as ya may be able to snag one of them off waivers before someone else does but Olsen is a bit away from playing but Clay should be back soon-