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Drop Jamaal Charles to stash James Conner?


Big Question for the footclan nation. Picked up Jamaal Charles in the last round as a flyer, but I’m looking at James Conner as a stash in case Bell goes down. Thoughts? 1/2 PPR 10 Team.


Jamaal has more value in the sense you might play him if he does well during the first few weeks but conner probably doesn’t have any value as his role hasn’t been defined yet so if you’re in a pinch you wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him.

Even if Bell goes down Conner might not produce at a level that’s worthy of stashing him on your bench. Kinda like Jeric Mckinnon was meh when AP went down. Granted the Steelers O-line is a lot better than the vikings but we just haven’t seen Conner do it yet.

Using FAAB for waivers also comes into play because you could keep Conner as a FA knowing that if needed you could use whatever amount of FAAB you deemed appropriate.

I think @AndyHolloway mentioned a technique where a manager would dump a position that can be streamed like a QB, kicker or defense and pick up a handcuff each week just in case the starter went down in the week leading up to kickoff. Before kickoff and if the starter was fine then the handcuff would be dropped for a QB, kicker or D that he wanted to stream that week.


I appreciate your response @reid_saito. Yeah that’s certainly my dilemma. I have faith that Jamaal might surpass Anderson at some point by just talent or injury which made him a great last round flyer. My concern was Charles’ injury risk, so I figured Conner might make a good stash in case Bell isn’t in the shape he needs to be or if he gets hurt. I had Williams 2 years ago and he did wonders for my team. The team seems to have a lot of faith in Conner which was reassuring. We don’t do FAAB and my current waiver position is 6. So I was thinking about grabbing Conner while waivers aren’t in effect at the moment.

I was tossing with the same reasons not to do it that you mention but needed some validation Haha. I know he’s a lottery ticket and that makes me nervous. I just feel like it could pay out so well haha.


Yup the year LeVeon went down I didn’t cuff and that was a horrible loss but my team was stacked so I could absorb the loss of production.

Last year I didn’t cuff LeVeon and it went great.

On another team I did trade for Derrick Henry to cuff DeMarco and that went bad when Henry started to get more reps at the end of the season.

I see Jamal on waivers in a couple of my leagues but I’m sticking with Rex Burkhead for now.