Drop Jeffery and pick up Nelson?

assuming Rodgers is coming back and since Wentz is gone I think Jeffery’s value as far as play off’s go I could do better.

I already have



It’s hard… you could make the argument that Foles isn’t horrible. Maybe even favors just Jeffery instead of spreading it around.

Rodgers could lean more on his younger options…

Betting on the QB though, better offense? Do it. Just keep in mind you might be missing out on a Hopkins-esque situation here.

I would much rather drop funchess than Jeffery. Did you see what the bears put on the field in years past? Lol he will produce, only problem is his injury history which he has excelled this year. Coming from a lifelong eagles fan Keep Jeffrey, grab Jordy, drop Devin S

Funchess has one of the best play off schedules though

or I would have

weeks 15-16 # 1 team is Panthers


I don’t disagree with you but what it comes down to for me is talent and Jeffery has more talent. Cam only threw for 137. I would prefer jeffreyand Jordy. Anyone else you could drop if you really wanna hold funchess?