Drop Jeffrey!?

Should I drop Alshon Jeffrey with the injury and pick up Keelan Cole? I’ve got Baldwin, Diggs, Watkins, Mike Williams, and Geronimo Allison

I don’t think you drop him, he’s missing two weeks and isn’t on the PUP and i think you have the depth to hold him. I’d reassess in week 2 or sooner if there’s further setbacks. If he went on the PUP i’d be more open to a drop but for now i think he’s just a guy you’ll have to monitor the reports closely

I agree with the above, I wouldn’t drop him all together. with that said I wouldn’t expect much from him until week 4-6ish. If he is missing games it always takes a few games to get back into the swing of things.

Agree with the other posters. Also, with your roster I dont see you really wanting to ever play Kole over Jeffrey unless he completely busts. I think Kole is likely going to be a volume based play and likely not the red zone threat that you probably want/have in Jeffrey. You also have 2 incredible upside WR’s already. Stability could be good here.

I expect the Jags to look to Fournette early and often in the redzone. While this will free up some targets I see you still probably valuing Watkins more. Dont let go of the upside of the #1 WR on what projects to be a touchdown machine in Philly just yet.

No, it will take a few weeks for the Eagles offense to get going anyway, but when it does you’ll wish you had him over Allison.