Drop John Ross for Maholmes

Used my last pick in 10 man 0.5 ppr on John Ross but see pat maholmes isnsittingnon the wire. Wondering if should drop Ross for Maholmes as a stash. Have cousins at qb and receivers are brown, Allen, Tate, Sanders, Edelman and Lockett so don’t know if I see a situation where I’d ever play Ross where if maholmes blows up higher chance I use him and cousins based on matchup

No. Don’t roster 2 QBs

I would drop Ross is general. That Bengals team is awful and unless it’s Green I don’t want to touch a pass catcher there

Dont listen to people who tell you they know definitively what a team situation is going to be in August. Especially when they say that a team with obvious above average talent is definitely going to be bad just because they were bad last year. We (the Royal we) are terrible at predicting situations. There’s proof of this every year. Draft talent and see what happens. They may well be awful, and Ross may end up being useless. You should know after a few weeks, and I wouldn’t hesitate to drop him if someone who’s more of a sure contributor comes available, but this is exactly what the end if your bench is for. High upside lottery tickets like Ross.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting you ignore situation. It definitely matters, and what you think a team is going to be should shade your opinion of players to an extent, but “you should drop X talented player because his team is definitely going to be awful” is flatly ridiculous.