Drop Jordan Reed and Doug Martin? Pick up who from waivers?

10 team full ppr - Redraft

My team: QB- Dak
RB- Bell, Ingram, Martin, Perine, Zeke
WR- Julio, Allen, Hill, Shepard, Landry
TE- Engram, Cook, Reed
D- Detroit

I have tried trading both of these players and nobody wants them. I’d like to drop them both and go after either McCown or Keenum on waivers and then either the Chargers D or Crowder this week. What do you guys think? Or I can go for all 3 and drop the Lion’s D

Great team. I would drop Reed for sure, and maybe try rostering some playoff defenses (NE, Eagles). Martin is fine to drop to pick up Keenum to play until Dak shows you something

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