Drop Jordy for Perine?

Hey everyone, my question is should I drop Jordy Nelson for Perine/another WR? I currently have pretty weak WR’s and there isn’t a lot left in my league’s waivers worth adding. I have Kamara, Gordon, Danny Woodhead, and Joe Mixon as my RB’s. I don’t have super strong WR’s, but Jordy after 3 weeks seems like he can’t get it done. Would you drop Jordy for a gamble on a waiver wire WR or add Perine just in case Gordon continues to see less work due to rest/injury concerns. Or would you recommend dropping anyone else of those players listed? Thanks!

I would do it.

I see no current value with Nelson and I see a lot of current value with Perine.

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Thanks yeah I’m probably going to go through with it. I have the budget to outbid like 3/4 of the league. Just wanted validation lol

I would for sure, no thompson and no kelley, on a good offense. jordy is apparently trash now w/out rodgers

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I think that is a must, unless it is a keeper league or something. Plus, if you are vying for a playoff spot you have multiple RBs to deal. Perine could be the difference in winning the league if he maintains his workload seeing as Kelley and Thompson are sidelined. I would also highly recommend flipping one of your RBs for a top 24 or even a top 12 WR.

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Unfortunately, the trade deadline for the league passed already. Thank you though for the advice!